Why agile leadership is needed to truly implement an agile culture in organisations

Why agile leadership is needed to truly implement an agile culture in organisations

BREAKOUT SESSION 1 #4, 3 September

‘Agile’ has become a buzz word and risks becoming a fad. However there are many important links between agile leadership, agile mindsets, agile methodologies and agile business structures. This interview based session will explore the agile thinking needed by leaders in order to successfully implement agile methodologies in organisations.

Facilitated by:

Dr Munib Karavdic (Managing Director WAVE design and Conjoint Professor in Intrapreneurship, UNSW
Anthony Elliott (Executive General Manager, Corporate Services, Open Universities Australia)

About Munib

Professor Karavdic is both an experienced practitioner and academic whose expertise spans intrapreneurship, innovation management, human centred design, customer-centric transformation, program implementation, strategy development, e-commerce and leadership effectiveness. Dr Karavdic is a conjoint professor of intrapreneurship at the MBA program at AGSM, UNSW. He is also a founder of WAVE Design, the consulting company with the focus to help established companies to use design to solve complex problems as part of their transformation mission and drive meaningful customer experiences. 

Munib and his award winning team have transformed one of Australia’s largest financial institutions into a design and customer-driven organisation. He has also advised established organisations, government departments and small businesses on enabling effective innovation capabilities and customer-centric strategy, underpinned by human-centred design. He has worked in various senior positions in large financial institutions like AMP, St. George Bank, Westpac, and Macquarie Group. On top of his business career, he has taught at the UNSW for more than 15 years and he has published several academic articles and a book. Read Munib’s full biography.

About Anthony

Anthony Elliott is Executive General Manager, Corporate Services at Open Universities Australia. While originally trained as an engineer, it’s Anthony’s passion for creating impact by shaping organisational cultures, operating models and capabilities that has shaped much of his career.

Over his career, Anthony has had functional responsibility for areas including market analysis, strategic planning, leading corporate transformations including business turnarounds, M&A and IPO, business analytics and insights, delivery of major change programs and the full suite of corporate services.

Anthony has a diverse range of experience across sectors including higher education, utilities and energy markets, upstream oil and gas, and scientific research with a focus on industrial, manufacturing and information sciences. Anthony holds an engineering degree from the University of Queensland, a PhD in engineering from the University of Bath in the UK and most importantly a belief in learning every day. Read Anthony’s full biography.