Anthony Elliott

Executive General Manager, Corporate Services, Open Universities Australia

Anthony Elliott is Executive General Manager, Corporate Services at Open Universities Australia. While originally trained as an engineer, it’s Anthony’s passion for creating impact by shaping organisational cultures, operating models and capabilities that has shaped much of his career.

He is a strong advocate for:

  • Clear strategic planning to deliver clarity to the entire organisation. Where are we going, why and how?

  • A focus on the fundamental operating model and organisational culture to build and empower teams to deliver maximum value and learning. How do we create the most customer value every day?

  • Applying a pragmatic approach to methodologies to bring the most relevant tools and practices for a given context to drive improvement. How to best achieve the outcomes we need? and

  • A relentless pursuit of measuring the right things and adapting plans based on outcomes. How to know we are learning and making a difference?

Over his career, Anthony has had functional responsibility for areas including market analysis, strategic planning, leading corporate transformations including business turnarounds, M&A and IPO, business analytics and insights, delivery of major change programs and the full suite of corporate services.

Anthony has a diverse range of experience across sectors including higher education, utilities and energy markets, upstream oil and gas, and scientific research with a focus on industrial, manufacturing and information sciences. Anthony holds an engineering degree from the University of Queensland, a PhD in engineering from the University of Bath in the UK and most importantly a belief in learning every day.

BREAKOUT sESSION 1 #4, Tuesday 3 September

Why agile leadership is needed to truly implement an agile culture in organisations

One of the most challenging complexities leaders face is the complexity of the self. Following Steve’s highly regarded keynote at the 2018 conference, he returns to Australia to a further exploration of Narrative Identity and the Constricted Imagination.

This year Steve tackles another aspect of self-making through narrative, how our dominant identity story can become tyrannical in midlife—crushing diversity, limiting experimentation, and propagating an increasingly sterile monoculture of selfhood. These plateaus are primary obstacles to adaptive leadership.

Faciliated by Dr Munib Karavdic & Anthony Elliott