Brett Wood

Founder, Creative Wisdom

Brett Robin Wood is in love with learning. His forté is delivering enlivening learning that combines arts-based methods and reflective practice to help people transfer learning into the contexts and systems they work within. He’s also an expert facilitator of group dialogue for stakeholders who come together to collaborate, problem-solve, strategise, silo-bust, understand each other and build constructive cultures.

Brett’s early career was as an actor and practitioner in theatre for young people and community theatre. He then taught acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). Next, stepping into a leadership role at Actors Centre Australia sparked a necessity and passion for the study of the practice of leadership. He then left the world of the arts (bringing a lot of artfulness with him) to step into the world of organisational development. He contributed to various consultancies, then started up his own company, Creative Wisdom, in 2015.

Brett has consulted, designed and facilitated for front-line managers through to CEO & executive level. He's led one-off capability-building workshops through to long-term culture change and leadership development programs with measurable positive results. He’s worked with organisations including Zurich, APRA, Uniting, ANZ, NAB, Lifehouse, Telstra and many more spanning health, oil & gas, finance, government, news media, pharma, legal, consumables and telcos.

Brett is passionate and dedicated to finding ways to harness and focus the immense power of self-organisation in workplaces and communities. He’s developed ground-breaking work using organisational theatre to spark insight, followed by self-organising collaborative methods (Future Search and Open Space) to move the insight into action for change.

WORKSHOP #2, 4 September

Creative Wisdom Masterclass: Unleashing the passion, responsibility and imagination of every team member in the organisation.

Empowered, agile and shared leadership is rising to claim its rightful place in the sun these days, being especially recognised as key to navigating change. Anyone supporting this ethos needs a firm belief that everybody has passion, responsibility and imagination at their core. And they need methods that kindle such qualities and then fan the flames. This masterclass explores two such methods; ‘live’ case studies and self-organised collaboration. You’ll get a taste of the methods in action and discuss their numerous applications.