Cat Dunne


BREAKOUT, Tuesday 3 September

Learning Through Play

Leadership is a serious topic. There are over 100,000 books on Amazon alone with leadership in their title- that’s how serious the topic is!

But we as humans learn in many different ways. As social beings play and being playful increases our interactivity with other humans. From a learning point of view learning through fun and post event reflection has been a standard adult learning technique for decades. The emerging world of agile has embraced play as a serious technique to assist organisations to embrace Design thinking and product or service innovation. So how do we bring learning leadership through play into organisations and into our practices?

In this – bound to be fun- session,  Holly Cole Havens and friends share evidence that supports this notion and outline a handful of ‘go to’ activities that never fail to produce insights and the odd smile. Bring your inner child to this session!

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