Dr Pauline Lee

Senior Leadership Consultant, Full Circle Group Asia Pacific

About Pauline

Dr Pauline Lee (Founder and Director of Léargas Pty Ltd) focuses on developing leaders and teams to help produce extraordinary cultural and business outcomes. Pauline has expansive coaching experience with over 3,000 hours at the Executive Level, working with CEOs, MD’s and Senior Executives. Her range of clients range from Healthcare, pharmaceutical, professional services, manufacturing state and federal government. She has developed deep industry expertise in the Australian Federal Government sector, consulting to several of the big Departments like Defence, Health, Finance, Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Immigration and Border Protection. She has advised the US and Australian Intelligence Agencies on culture change.

Prior to her consulting role, Pauline held managerial positions within the Department of Treasury and Finance, and management consulting role at Hay Group, and strategic consulting role at GM Holden.  She also has held visiting lecturer positions, teaching Organisational Psychology, at the University of Melbourne and University College Dublin, and has published on teams and leadership in peer reviewed journals. She is an Organisational Psychologist, an accredited individual and team Immunity to Change coach, Program Leader with Box of Crayons, accredited in the full suite of Leadership Circle diagnostics and an Associate of Being First Inc.

Pauline brings a warm exterior that comes with a sharp intellect and desire to ‘hold the mirror’ for the client so they get to make conscious choices about the outcomes they are seeking.

She is married with two daughters based in Melbourne.  She enjoys keeping fit, a good read and all things Irish.

BREAKOUT SESSION 2 #1, Tuesday 3 September

Learning leadership through play

Leadership is a serious topic. There are over 100,000 books on Amazon alone with leadership in their title- that’s how serious the topic is!

But we as humans learn in many different ways. As social beings play and being playful increases our interactivity with other humans. From a learning point of view learning through fun and post event reflection has been a standard adult learning technique for decades. The emerging world of agile has embraced play as a serious technique to assist organisations to embrace Design thinking and product or service innovation. So how do we bring learning leadership through play into organisations and into our practices?

In this – bound to be fun- session,  Holly Cole Havens and friends share evidence that supports this notion and outline a handful of ‘go to’ activities that never fail to produce insights and the odd smile. Bring your inner child to this session!

Facilitated by Dr Pauline Lee & Holly Cole-Havens

WORKSHOP #3, Wednesday 4 September

How the Immunity to Change™ (ITC) process helps teams to become unstuck in organisations

Teams are the main form that architects, strategises and actually does the work within organisations. When teams work well the whole organisation benefits.  But often teams stall for no apparent reason with many negative implications. In this very interactive and dynamic workshop Dr. Pauline Lee and Padraig O’Sullivan will explore the Immunity to Change process by Kegan and Lahey and how it best applies to teams. The workshop will cover:

  • What is ITC for Teams

  • The methodology – a process for participants to practice with

  • How we have integrated it into our team coaching practice

  • Case Studies of teams with associated outcomes

Facilitated by Dr Pauline Lee & Padraig O’Sullivan