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Helen Williams

Director Rail Systems Development, Transport NSW

Helen has over 25 years experience in  engineering, management and leadership roles.  She spent her early career in the UK Royal Air Force before running her own small specialist consultancy. She is Chartered engineer with background qualifications in both Aeronautical and Railway signalling engineering.

Having moved over from South Wales, fell in love with Australia and never went home, instead enjoys exploring NSW with her three teenagers in a  well-equipped trailer tent.

Her current role in Transport for New South Wales is as Director Transport Integrated Systems Capability .  Helen is building and deploying  an integrated team that offers best practice capabilities in a number of systems thinking disciplines  . Experienced in leading and managing large teams in a variety of operational and technical environments she is passionate about building an inclusive , flexible team that attracts and retains great people.

Her team supports programs across the Infrastructure & Places Division of Transport for New South Wales in bringing to life a vision of building seamless transport networks to connect people and places   

PANEL DISCUSSION #2, Tuesday 3 September

The relationship between the leader and their coach. What is in the space between the leader and their coach that enables such dialogues that lead to insights and potential change?

When a leader is choosing a coach to work with the choice is predominantly based on chemistry. This non scientific but very human approach yields a range of outcomes. Some positive and some very neutral. But some relationships seems to get extraordinary results. Why is that? What are the dynamics that enable great outcomes? How it works and when does it not? What do the leader and their coach need to bring to the relationship to both get great outcomes?

In this moderated panel Gordon will interview leaders and their coaches to understand the relationship and the white space between them that enables the coaching relationship to work.