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Holly Cole-Havens

Full Circle Group Associate, Executive Coach

Holly is an executive coach with over twenty years of corporate leadership and management experience gained from a range of industries including Management Consulting, Financial Services, and I.T. She has held expat leadership positions in the USA and the United Kingdom and worked across various countries in Europe and Asia primarily for large global organisations including Accenture and Deutsche Bank but also for shorter periods of time in small privately held startups.

Holly works with CEOs and C-suite leaders to tweak their leadership to create vastly improved effectiveness. She additionally works with both newly formed or reconfigured teams to develop and articulate a shared vision, establish operating principles and identify development required to execute their mission. 

Past clients consistently note the invaluable insights and focus that Holly brings to their transformation process as she challenges them to balance strategic goals with business process execution. 

Holly’s belief is that leadership transitions represent a huge opportunity to reset the direction, momentum and culture of an organisation.  She helps leaders in transition to clearly see the way forward for themselves and their team through her dynamic, empathetic and pragmatic approach.

BREAKOUT SESSION 2 #1, Tuesday 3 September

Learning leadership through play

Leadership is a serious topic. There are over 100,000 books on Amazon alone with leadership in their title- that’s how serious the topic is!

But we as humans learn in many different ways. As social beings play and being playful increases our interactivity with other humans. From a learning point of view learning through fun and post event reflection has been a standard adult learning technique for decades. The emerging world of agile has embraced play as a serious technique to assist organisations to embrace Design thinking and product or service innovation. So how do we bring learning leadership through play into organisations and into our practices?

In this – bound to be fun- session,  Holly Cole Havens and friends share evidence that supports this notion and outline a handful of ‘go to’ activities that never fail to produce insights and the odd smile. Bring your inner child to this session!