Introduction to The Leadership Circle Framework

BREAKOUT sESSION 1 #3, 3 September / BREAKOUT sESSION 2 #2, 3 September

Peter Shields, Leadership Circle Faculty, Executive Coach

For anyone new to The Leadership Circle conference a chance to understand what all the fuss is about!

  • What are the underlying principles that underpin the Universal Model of Leadership ™ . Why is TLC different? How does it add value to leaders and organisations?

  • What are the product versions available?

  • And what is the mat we keep hearing about?

This is a very practical orientated and information packed session for organisational leaders and external consultants.

Peter Shields, Leadership Circle Faculty/Executive Coach

Peter Shields has practiced business coaching and transformational consulting since 2001 and supported the development of many leaders in a broad range of industries, including many of Australia’s top companies in Mining, Energy, IT, Banking, Legal, Media, Environment, Transport, Pharmaceutical, Advertising, Chemical and Manufacturing. He has coached hundreds of leaders around key business skills, strategic thinking, transformational change, performance improvement and the development of purpose and vision. Peter has been a Leadership Circle Faculty member for over 4 years, facilitating programs in Australia, Asia and the USA. He’s the perfect person to introduce you to The Leadership Circle framework, Assessment tools and Certifications. Read Peter’s full biography.