Dr John Wood

Managing Director & Founder, Leadership Solutions Global

John is the founding director of Leadership Solutions Global. He has over 30 years consulting experience including director roles of a large consulting firm and 24 years in his own business. He has worked throughout Australia and parts of Asia and across many sectors. He has a passion for enhancing the consciousness of leaders so that they are better able to serve their communities and challenges.

A psychologist by training, John has extensive experience in 360-degree assessment, feedback, coaching and the design and facilitation of leadership development programs. He also has extensive experience with culture assessment and culture change programs, team building, and talent development.

John has a PhD in Management researching the qualities of successful CEOs as seen by self and others. It was during his research that he discovered the connection between stages of adult development and leadership effectiveness and for the past 15 years has applied these models to enhance the conscious practice of leadership, and to design transformational experiences for leaders in particular the power of understanding perspective taking and integrative thinking.

It was this work and his expertise as a facilitator of leadership development programs that led to his appointment to the international faculty of Pacific Integral’s ‘Generating Transformative Change’ (GTC) Program and the Leadership Institute of SA’s “Governor’s Leadership Foundation’ Program.

John has also designed and developed the innovative Beyond Intention and Mindful Leader Programs which have been incorporated into leadership programs for clients including CSIRO, Bendigo Adelaide Bank, SA Water, Australian Unity, Aussie Home Loans, Education Department, Anglicare and others. He has designed a range of programs and techniques to help leaders use mindfulness for self-awareness, personal growth and performance.

Accreditations include The Leadership Circle, Centre for Creative Leadership, life-time accreditation with Human Synergistics, Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF), and Stages of Adult Development Assessment (Stages).  

BREAKOUT SESSION 2 #4, 3 September

Deep Dive into Reading Leadership Circle Profiles

What are the deeper patterns and skills needed to masterfully interpret Leadership Circle profiles.

What are the patterns in numbers, between Reactive tendencies, in narrative descriptions and connected belief systems.

This is ideal for practitioners who have debriefed at least 30 profiles and want to now go deeper with their knowledge and develop mastery.

WORKSHOP #4, 4 September

Why adult development is at the core of developing leaders to navigate their personal and professional complexities

What is adult development theory and how can leaders and coaches use the frameworks for optimal development?

Understanding the foundation of adult development is capacity to take a range of perspectives- typically referred to as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th perspectives (and even 5th and 6th). In this interactive and content rich workshop Dr. John Wood will explore a range of adult development frameworks and what enhances movement through key stages for humans.

For leaders in the audience John will share a range of ideas to help reflection and self-development irrespective of what stage the leader is at.

For coaches and facilitators, John will outline stage of development of coach/facilitator and what this means for TLC debriefing, ie how the coach can optimise their own being in order to optimise their Leadership Circle debrief sessions. He will also outline later stages of development and what this means for coaching and debriefing.