Mary Dwyer

CEO, Impact Solutions International

On the Myers Briggs Mary is an INTJ. INTJ’s make-up 2% of the population and are known as extraordinary problem solvers & practical futurists able to understand complex problems.

A modern leader who advocates new ideas based on a balance of love and strength. Mary Dwyer is CEO of Impact Solutions International, specializing in Executive Leadership Development, conflict transformation with deep global, business and community experience.

Over the past 10 years Impact Solutions International has used The Leadership Circle in 16 different countries with leaders from more than 44 different nations. These leaders come from a cross-section of society including leaders of countries, captains of industry, spiritual leaders and leaders from civil society. This has included working with leaders of armed groups to leaders of organizations influencing more than 20 million Muslims.

Mary’s particular focus is developing the intellectual, emotional, and social/spiritual capacity of leaders. After 25 years of working in leadership, Mary firmly believes that love and kindness is the most powerful and potent instrument for the transformation of conflict and leadership in particular. She believes that leadership is a spiritual journey and Mary is also cognoscente that these beliefs and qualities may seem counter-intuitive yet… the effect of this leveraged in business is undeniable. 

Her specific expertise is the prestigious Executive Leadership Development Program; a bespoke one-on-one transformation leadership intensive with guaranteed results. If you wish to know more please talk to Mary personally.

She and her team are highly skilled global facilitators and coaches with the capacity and skill set required to conduct large group dialogues, scale leadership and transform whole systems.

In 2018 she published her first book, The Final Act of Grace, which won a Hay House/Balboa Press Publishing award. The Final Act of Grace is a leadership/spiritual teaching memoir. Full details of her work can be found at and

PANEL DISCUSSION #3, Wednesday 4 September

Transformation practices to help leaders navigate the complexities they are facing.

Many articles are written about navigating complexities and transforming leaders to be able to meet higher demands. But what does this actually mean and how does this happen. Our panel share their experiences, insights, practices and go to resources in an open and wide ranging conversation. Keep your pens nearby to capture a raft of precious anecdotes and a bunch of wisdom.