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Padraig O’Sullivan

President The Leadership Circle & Full Circle Group Asia Pacific

Padraig’s reputation as a leading international business coach has been established with over 12 years leadership and coaching experience encompassing Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He is labeled “one of Asia’s top leadership experts” and is author of the series of International books “Foreigner In Charge: Success strategies for expat leaders”. Along with expatriates he works with CEOs, Managing Directors, Regional Heads and High Performing Leadership Teams.

Harnessing solid, global business acumen and entrepreneurial thinking Padraig exhibits and delivers the critical understanding, character, expertise and hands on strategies to ensure clients achieve their transition and transformation goals.

Assignments include supporting expatriate leaders in their transition, other leaders transitioning from functional management to company leadership; leadership effectiveness; developing high performing teams and clients in stretch roles. A coach must immediately instill an assurance of expertise, professionalism, trust, passion and empathy. Padraig’s ability to create this environment, instantly making people feel at ease so they can just get on with the business of development, is what continues to make Padraig a leader in his field.

His notable client base and success stories confirm his dedication to achieving results. According to clients, making and executing of the ‘plans of action’ developed in their work together are the pathways to success. This is supported by Padraig’s pragmatic but entirely human approach. His colleagues state that another key element of Padraig’s success is his Irish sense of humour.

Testament to his thought leadership, Padraig is also the co-author of “Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed” and contributor to “Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership” by Peter Hawkins. He is a sought after industry Keynote speaker and conference presenter. He is an Honorary Fellow at Sydney Business School and lectures on Innovation and High Performing Teams in the Masters of Business Coaching program.

WORKSHOP #3, Wednesday 4 September

How the Immunity to Change™ (ITC) process helps teams to become unstuck in organisations

Teams are the main form that architects, strategises and actually does the work within organisations. When teams work well the whole organisation benefits.  But often teams stall for no apparent reason with many negative implications. In this very interactive and dynamic workshop Dr. Pauline Lee and Padraig O’Sullivan will explore the Immunity to Change process by Kegan and Lahey and how it best applies to teams. The workshop will cover:

  • What is ITC for Teams

  • The methodology – a process for participants to practice with

  • How we have integrated it into our team coaching practice

  • Case Studies of teams with associated outcomes

Facilitated by Dr Pauline Lee & Padraig O’Sullivan