Peter Shields

Leadership Circle Faculty, Executive Coach

Peter Shields has practiced business coaching and transformational consulting since 2001 and supported the development of many leaders in a broad range of industries. He has coached hundreds of leaders around key business skills, strategic thinking, transformational change, performance improvement and the development of purpose and vision. 

During the 1990’s and before embarking on a Consulting career, Peter was in a Sales Management role and later National Marketing Manager reporting to the CEO for Gibson / Ecolab Chemicals, a $300M food, beverage and industrial chemical supplier.

His love and respect for people and their potential led him to study Creativity Psychotherapy and the practice of Counseling (5 years) followed before he transitioned back to the corporate world as an Executive Coach. His academic understanding of the psychological drivers that inform a person’s behavior and his experience with dealing with people confronted by significant change events significantly contributes to his ability as an Executive Coach.

Among recent consulting assignments include: Coaching the CFO and 6 direct reports across a 12 month period, coaching 4 senior partners in a large commercial law firm, facilitating workshops and coaching the VP of Operations, the CTO and the Head of Sales Asia Pacific in a large multi national organization during a longitudinal change initiative.

Peter’s industry experience includes many of Australia’s top companies in Mining, Energy, IT, Banking, Legal, Media, Environment, Transport, Pharmaceutical, Advertising, Chemical and Manufacturing businesses.

Peter is known for guiding individuals and teams to access the full capacity of their ‘collective intelligence’ by helping them to contextualize, understand and manage the key drivers behind leadership performance – their patterns and habits of thinking. With a keen focus on business results, Peter respectfully challenges individuals to uncover the full potential of their strengths for leading people to high performance.

BREAKOUT SESSION 1 #3, Tuesday 3 September / BREAKOUT SESSION 2 #2

Introduction to The Leadership Circle Framework

For anyone new to The Leadership Circle conference a chance to understand what all the fuss is about!

  • What are the underlying principles that underpin the Universal Model of Leadership ™. Why is TLC different? How does it add value to leaders and organisations?

  • What are the product versions available?

  • And what is the mat we  keep hearing about?

This is a very practical orientated and information packed session for organisational leaders and external consultants.