Can you really transform an executive team culture?

BREAKOUT SESSION 1 #2, 3 September

Roderick Cross, Director, START Consultants

A case study on the impact of collective conscious leadership in complex times.

When transformation of an individual or team occurs, the coach or consultant can play the role of catalyst, partner or observer to something that is truly awesome and satisfying. Despite noble intent and professional practice it seems to be a rare event. So what is it that makes it happen when it does?  And what can we do to make it less elusive?

In this interactive dialogue Roderick will explore the transformation of an executive leadership team under siege, suffering decreasing credibility, performance and results. He’ll explore the steps taken to rebuild trust, reshape the culture (in part using The Leadership Circle Culture Survey) and re-energise them to lead a transformation for sustainable performance.  He’ll share what was learned and the results achieved over the 10 months of the program. We feel the learnings may be extremely useful to leaders in these complex times and to consultant coaches who partner with them on these journeys.

Roderick Cross, Director, START Consultants

As Director and owner of START Consultants, Roderick draws on more than thirty years of clinical, professional and educational experience working with multinational commercial organisations and government across three continents. His consulting, facilitation and coaching to CEO’s and senior executive teams focuses on approaches that result in improved strategy, organisational culture, resilience & agility, adaptation & change, design thinking & innovation, team dynamics & performance, leadership & talent development and people engagement. The resulting effect is sustained transformation for individuals, teams and at the organisational level.

He is an engaging facilitator and educator known for his natural drive, humour and passion.

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